Hawaiian Blue (Package Six)

Hawaiian Blue (Package Six)

PriceFrom £40.00

This Hoodie includes;

+Large Logo on front +£3 (or Small Logo on front +£0)


Feel free to add any extras listed in the drop-down menu, and don't forget to fill in the comment section with the exact logos you would like!

  • Additional Information

    Please note that is it the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have selected the correct size, colour and print of their garment prior to printing, as mistakes cannot be rectified once your bespoke garment is printed.



  • Hoodie FAQs

    What's is printed on the front of my hoodie?

    The logo of your event will be printed on the front of your garment. You can either have it larger and in the middle or you could have it as a small logo printed on your right chest.

    Name sheets

    The name sheet is not included in the package. When prompted for a name sheet number at the checkout page please write 'N/A'.

  • Price Breakdown

    Large Logo +£3 (or Small Logo +£0)